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My name is Jill Rowland and I will fight for you against big government, high taxes, runaway debt and reckless spending.

Dr.Jill Rowland for Congress


I’ve never had aspirations for political office.  I am a practicing dentist, small business owner, and wife and mother of three children.   However, like many people, I’m concerned about the direction of this country. >>>>More




Dr. Rowland's


10 Point Prescription


1.  Create Jobs/Reduce Taxes.
2.  Slash Big Government.
3.  End Wasteful Government Spending.
4.  Stop Government Takeovers.
5.  Protect US borders.
6.  Repeal the Health Law.
7.  Stop the Fairness Doctrine and Card Check.
8.  Repeal the "Financial Reform" Law.
9.  Restore GM to Private Ownership.
10. Fight the Ground Zero Mosque Outrage.


The Record

Issue Slaughter Rowland
Medicare Advantage Cuts on Seniors Voted For Opposes
Wall Street Bailout Voted For Opposes
Stimulus Voted For Opposes
Cap and Trade Energy Tax Voted For Opposes
Health Law Voted For Opposes
Health Law taxes on Middle Class Voted For Opposes
Financial Reform without addressing Fannie or Freddie Voted For Opposes
Fairness Doctrine to limit opposition radio speech Voted For Opposes
Card Check to limit Workers rights to secret ballots in union organizing elections Voted For Opposes
Public Option to kill jobs and to create single payer, government run healthcare Voted For Opposes


The Issues



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